You can now download a Membership Form!

There really is a million and one things to do when you set up a website such as this. So many, in fact, that the really obvious sometimes gets overlooked.

A downloadable membership form is just such a thing. After all if it isn’t easy to join up then nobody ever will, will they?

So here it is and included there is all of the relevant detail that you may need. I can make it no easier for you than that but just in case you forget about this blog entry you can also get to it via

As ever if you have any content that you would like to see added to either the website or The Bulletin then do not be shy because we would be delighted to have it!

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

Old Sutts Committee Meeting

The Old Sutts committee meeting took place this evening at the Legacy Hotel. The committee was delighted to be able to add David Hendy’s expertise to the collective skill set.

I was also delighted to receive news of 77 year old Old Sutt David Jeffery’s plan to conquer Mount Killimanjaro. You can find further details of that if you click The same link will also take you to film of an astonishing video shot inside Sutton High School’s World War 2 air raid shelter.

Thanks also to Martin Pearce (c.1973) and Derek Leslie (1957-64) for sending in some splendid photographs which can be seen at

And if there can be such a thing as a new Old Sutt then Lawrence Body (1976-83) can claim to be just that having joined up to become the Associations most recent recruit!

As ever if you have anything that might be of interest to users of this site, want to join the Association, update your details or just generally make contact then you can find details if you click We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

The Quest For Content (a plea)

One of the challenges involved with setting up a website like this is finding the content needed not only to attract visitors but to inspire those visitors who are not already members of the Old Suttonian Association to sign up and register. It is a problem that will not go away and a problem that I need the help of everybody who might read this to solve.

I have done the “obvious” and have looked at Facebook pages and Friends Reunited and there is some content on each that I would like to add to this site however, for obvious reasons, neither is very helpful when it comes to downloading images from them. They are, however, both very good at offering a messaging facility!

So this entry is just a quick note to tell everybody that I have just messaged Graham Walker, Derek Leslie, David Pratt, Richard Pearce, Shaun Badmin, Norman Kelway, Norman Bettinson, Luke Smith, Jeremy Collins, Richard Giles, Clive Martin and Martin Pearce (all Old Sutts ~ but possibly not Old Suttonians, as it were ~ from various eras) requesting that they via email to me the pictures that they have uploaded to Friends Reunited. If/when the files hit my inbox I’ll add them to the Gallery. I hope they do arrive because there’s plenty of great snaps of ATC groups, sport’s teams, prefects and school trips there.

And here is the plea: if you have, or know somebody else who has, old pictures, documents, reminiscences or anything at all that could be added to this website then I would be delighted to receive them.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

Hello world!

Welcome to the Old Sutts blog.

The intention is to use this blog as a way of delivering information on behalf of the Old Suttonian Association. Much of this will be procedural but it will also be used for miscellany as required.

It also offers a flexible opportunity for Old Suttonians to directly communicate via the comments below each entry.

We will be especially delighted to add content supplied by Old Suttonians.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)