Greg Foxsmith has been in the news!

Greg was featured in both today’s Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail! The articles concern Islington council’s recent doggy doodoo eradication trial.

The subject matter is definitely a first for the Old Suttonian Association in any of its communiqués to date. I promise  not to lower the tone of this site in such a way more often than is strictly necessary. Apologies if you are offended.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)


Citizen Smith

Old Sutt Luke Smith (1977-82) is a member of the Cornwall-based covers band Citizen Smith. Luke will playing his first gig in Plymouth for many years at Boomerangs (Mutley Plain) on Friday 21st September. Why not pop along and lend him your support? The gig is due to start at 9pm.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

We need YOUR help to find some Old Sutts

The Old Suttonian Association’s Membership Secretary, Paul Blank, has asked me to list the last known details for members of the Association for whom over the years the contact details have been lost.

You can see the list here:

Often the first we know about people moving is when Bulletins get returned to us marked “not at this address” or similar and the new address often doesn’t get to us at all meaning that the member is effectively lost to the Association.

If you are able to help in any way at all then please contact the Association’s Membership Secretary Paul Blank via email as listed on the link above.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83).