Annual Dinner Update

Tickets for the Annual Dinner, to be held this year at the Copthorne Hotel, are going well and demand is ahead of the same time last year!


We are pleased to be able to announce that this year’s guest speaker will be Old Sutt and pro-vice-chancellor of Reading University Professor Gavin Brooks.


Ut serviatur


Roger Willis (1976-83)


The Lotus That Blooms On The Camino, a 10k Run, a photo and some other stuff!

If the title of this blog entry or the subject of Alchemy interests you then a link to Lawrence Body’s (1976-83) website can be found here:

You might be more inclined to support Steve Mannell (also 1976-83) who will be running in the Plymouth 10k Run with his son, Dan, on Sunday 4th November. Why not give him a wave as he goes by? Or better still visit where you will be able assist his fundraising on behalf of St Luke’s Hospice!

If you are still reading there has been a new page added to the website with a Messageboard. This will allow you to exchange messages to one another without the need to go through the Association. Please be aware that this is an open forum so you should exercise due caution with personal details and that inappropriate content will be removed should anybody be stupid enough to add any. There is also a contact template that will allow you to update membership details and to pass on any other information that you might want to see included either on here or in The Bulletin.

And finally, last but by no means least, many thanks to Clive Martin (1964-70) for sending in another of the splendid team photos. This time it is the ’66-’67 U-14s football team complete with all of the names!


Ut Serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

Malcolm Tozer (?-1962)

Malcolm has contacted me via email. He left Sutton 50 years ago and is hoping to get a gathering together for the meal in November ( I have his contact details and if anybody would like to meet up with him then I am happy to act as an intermediary so contact me (