More Dinnermen

Mike Freeman

Tony Hunt  

Malcolm Tozer      

Des Glover        

Alan Mills          

Ken Wigfield    

George Nicolle  

Chris Nicolle      

Jonathan Nicolle  

Steve Mannell      

Peter Hunkin      

Bob Hemburrow      

Mike Holland         

1972 – 79

1948 – 54

1958 – 62

1958 – 62

1958 – 62

1958 – 62

1941 – 44

1969 – 76

1975 – 82

1976 – 83

1953 – 58

1949 – 55

Hon Member

You can see the other attendees by looking here and here. So far we have 61 attendees. Many thanks to Roger Backaller for keeping me informed.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

David Gillard’s poem (1947)

I have just received an interesting email from the late David Gillard’s son which includes a request for some information.

Dear Mr Willis,

I was very interested indeed to read the 2012 Old Suttonian Newsletter which contained my father’s (David Gillard) obituary notice. Thank you very much indeed for publishing it.

On a related matter, my mother has been sorting through my father’s books and recently discovered a volume of Walter de la Mare’s ‘Collected Poems’ which was presented to my father in 1946 for a ‘prize poem’.


I’ve attached to this email a copy of the inscription on the title page which reads:

“Sutton High School, Plymouth
This Prize was given by his Parents in memory of their beloved son:
Suttonian 1935 – 1942, School Prefect; State Scholar 1942;
Student of Exeter College, Oxford 1942-4.
Scholar, poet, musician, wit.
L/C. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regt;
Killed in action in Italy, March 3rd 1945;
“We raise thanksgiving
For those who went before, and, passing on
Pointed our way of working, playing, living-
Still their tradition stands, though they are gone”.”


As Armistice Day approaches I found this inscription quite moving and I pass it on as I thought it might prove interesting material for your next newsletter. Mr Eveleigh was clearly an Old Suttonian to be celebrated and remembered.

Also, I wonder if, by any chance, there might be a copy of my father’s poem that won this prize? My mother would, I’m sure, be delighted to read something written by her husband aged 17. Would it perhaps have been published in a school magazine of that year or recorded anywhere else?
Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely
Nick Gillard

If you can help Mr Gillard and his mother in anyway or if you remember Phillip John Eveleigh and can add something about him then please let me know via Roger Willis. I’m sure that this topic could make be a valuable contribution to the next Bulletin but I need your help to make it happen…

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

Championes! Championes! Olé olé olé…

I have just added a picture of the schools league winning 4th Form football team from 1980. This is particularly dear to my heart because it was my year!

It’s just one of many photos sent to me by Roy Axell and I’ll add the rest in due course.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-80)

More Tickets for the Annual Dinner sold


The following Old Sutts have ordered their tickets for the dinner details:

Andrew Pearson                

Andrew Hill                        

Tom Jewell                      

Roy Axell

Paul Blank    

Frank Rowe

John Wollington

Nigel Brown

1973 – 78

1977 – 84

1941 – 47

Staff 1969 – 84

1973 – 78

1962 – 67

1968 – 75

1971 – 78

Unfortunately David McCallan and Alan Oakes will be unable to attend this year.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

2010 Bulletin and Mass Email Responses

You will now be able to download the 2010 Bulletin in .pdf format if you visit

I have received a couple of interesting emails in response to the recent “mass email” (

“Please accept my apologies but I will not be able to attend the annual dinner: I have just taken an appointment in Camp Bastion and will not be back in UK till Feb 13. I really hope you have a good one!” – Jonathan Davies.

I am certain that our thoughts and best wishes are with Jonathan and that we all look forward to seeing him at the 2013 Dinner!

“Many thanks for your email. I will not be coming to the annual dinner as I am afraid I am now too old to travel by air (or virtually any other means) but I will be with you all in spirit. I can confirm that I will be happy to download any future news. My best wishes to you and all the Old Sutts.“ – Des Taylor.

Thanks, Des! I’m not sure where Des currently lives; his email address ends with “.pt” so I guess that may be Portugal. His reply is especially welcome because he is the first to let us know that he is happy to to download future Bulletins. This really is a very important issue, even if is a crushingly mundane procedural one, to the Association. If you are happy to follow suit then please do let us know.

The email also prompted responses from Roy Axell and John Harrington who have made or are going to make interesting contributions that you’ll probably have to wait for the next Bulletin to see…

If anybody else has anything that they can contribute to either the website or The Bulletin I will be delighted to receive it.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

The Story of Sutton High School for Boys, Plymouth, 1926-1986

book cover 2

This is the first and only complete history of the best school – ask any Old Sutt which that was – in Plymouth!

A book to captivate every Old Suttonian and hold pride of place on his bookshelves. Available at a bargain price of only £15.00. You can order a copy either online or through a bookshop by quoting the ISBN number: 978-0-9571111-0-3.

If you prefer a CD (non-playing kind) copy with the same text as the book and the same pictures (in colour where applicable) then copies of it will be available at the Annual Dinner ( at the even lower cost of £11.00 directly from the book’s editor, Rev John Fairweather-Tall (1944-49). You can pay by cheque, to be made payable to John Fairweather-Tall, or by cash (all profits to the Association).

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

Mass email to Old Sutts (Old Sutts on-line, Annual Dinner and The Bulletin)

I have, if it worked as I hoped, trialled sending an email to every Old Sutt that I have an email address for. The text of the email is reproduced below:

The Old Suttonian Association would like to make you aware that the evening of the Annual Dinner is approaching. This year our chosen venue is The Copthorne Hotel in Plymouth and it will take place on 17th November. Full details can be found at if you would like to come along, renew some old friendships or just make some new ones then this is the chance to do so.

As you may have noticed the Old Sutts now has a website! Please feel free to explore the site. New information, pictures, events and miscellany will be added to the site at regular intervals and signposted here If you have anything that you feel may be of interest then please email it to me at Roger Willis. I can assure you that everything, whether it is an anecdote, picture, document or anything else will be used either on the site or in a Bulletin. Nothing will be considered too mundane or trivial and it is often the most minute of details that fascinates the most.

We would like to use the site as a means of disseminating all sorts of information to our members and hope that some members, especially those overseas, will be happy to view or download their Bulletin from the site ( in the future. This will obviously help the Association by saving on both postage and printing costs as well as being a far more efficient usage of everybody’s time. Rest assured that the printed Bulletin will still be available in the format that has become so familiar to us all over the years and that sending out a Bulletin will remain the default option for our members; only those who choose to accept the download option will be removed from the mailing list.

Each year we get several Bulletins returned to us because people have moved on and not sent their new address to us. Obviously in such circumstances those members are removed from the mailing list. Could you please take the time to look at and if you are on that list, or know of the current address of anybody that is, please email the accurate information to Paul Blank.

Finally if you are in contact with any other Old Sutts then please feel free to forward this email to them.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)
Bulletin Editor and Webmaster
Old Suttonian Association

Coming soon to an in-box near you?

A list of all of the email addresses for members held by The Association has been handed on to me. There’s quite a few of them so it’ll take me some time to add them to a mailing list but once that is done I will be sending out a generic email to everybody that I can.

This email will focus on 4 different issues:

1) It will advertise forthcoming events ~ especially the Annual Dinner (;

2) It will ask whether or not members would be happy to receive their Bulletin via email or if they might prefer to download it from this site;

3) It will publicise the existence of this site;

4) It will ask that members check the “lost” members list ( to make sure that they are not on it (or can help in any way).

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

The Men Who Are Coming To Dinner

I wasn’t happy with how easy it was to read the names in the previous lists so here they are again. Hopefully this is far better. Or at least a little more legible!

Bernard Jewell

Roger Backaller

David Delag

David Bullied

Hubert Gale

David Blackmore

Len Farthing

Bob Brooks

Barry Dell

Laurie Willcocks

Mark Wilkinson

Martin Burnard

Greg Foxsmith

Andrew Baber

Greg Jonas

John Kelland

Allan Frampton

Norman Holberton

Len Griffiths

Gavin Brooks

Brian Waterson

Peter Woodley

Richard Pearce

Adrian Fulford

Rev. John Fairweather-Tall

Stephen Oaten

Alan Oakes

Darren Ward

Chris Anderson

Steve Mills

Fred Harris

Bill Scoble

Tim Wilkinson

Jon Perry

Will Sheward

Roger Willis

David Cullen

David Heal

Robert Coleman

1940 – 47

1968 – 75

1957 – 61

1948 – 54

1939 – 45

1942 – 48

1940 – 48

1957 – 64

1952 – 59

1958 – 65

1978 – 85

1978 – 85

1978 – 83

1973 – 80

1973 – 80

1940 – 45

1945 – 51

1936 – 41

1936 – 41

Guest Speaker

1945 – 50

1945 – 51

1978 – 83

1978 – 83

1944 – 49

1978 – 84

1978 – ??

1978 – 83

1965 – 71

1963 – 70

1963 – 70

1943 – 51

1972 – 77

1974 – 81

1978 – 85

1976 – 83

1946 – 48

1957 – 64

1977 – 84

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis 1976-83

Bulletin and Dinner Updates

If you need to you can now download the 2012 and 2011 Bulletins in .pdf format from I’ll be adding others in due course but this has proven to be unusually time consuming and it might take some time.

I’m also pleased to be able to update the list of attendees for the dinner (details at

Many thanks to Roger Backaller for keeping me informed.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)