David Gillard: an update

You ought to read this first.

I sent a copy of Mr Gillard’s email to Rev John Fairweather-Tall more in hope than expectation. Finding a copy of a poem written by a schoolboy over 60 years ago was bound to be a fruitless task, wasn’t it? No hope at all, really, is there?

(I’m sure you’ve guessed where this is going by now!)

I’m making this blog entry moments after checking my in-box and noticing that there was a response from John. Well he has come up trumps and here’s the poem as published in the school magazine in July 1947!

DR Gillard prize-winning poem


(Click on the image to enlarge.)

Simply incredible!

What would be even better would be discovering a little more about Phillip John Eveleigh to go with it…

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis (1976-83)

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