2012 Annual Dinner

2012 Annual Dinner

75 Old Suttonians gathered at the Copthorne Hotel in Armada Way on Saturday 17th November for their annual dinner. Chairman Andrew Hill welcomed members to the event and introduced this year’s guest speaker, Professor Gavin Brooks.

BrooksProfessor Brooks was a pupil at Sutton High School from 1974 to 1981 before graduating from the University of London with a first class honours degree in Pharmacy in 1984 and a PhD in organic chemistry and pharmacology in 1988. A distinguished career in business and academia followed and Professor Brooks’ current role is as the pro-Vice Chancellor at Reading University. He travelled down to Plymouth for the weekend to share quips about his time at Sutton High and to propose the toast to the Association.

Members burst into laughter as Professor Brooks recounted tales of “window walking” in the prefects alcove and how one pupil was left on the window ledge outside when senior master Doug Fraser came in to deliver a lecture about the noise coming from the room.

This year’s menu:-

Old Sutts Dinner 2012 002

Members also signed a get well card for Association President, Dr David McCallan.

Ut serviatur

Andrew Hill (1977-84)