The 2013 Bulletin should be arriving soon! (If you do not have it already)

The 2013 Bulletins have now all been sent out in one format or another. The first 300 or so (including all of the “foreign” ones except for Dr ER Jones in Chad which is proving to be something of an unexpected challenge but is, hopefully, in hand now!) were posted on Monday, the next batch on Tuesday and a final couple of dozen (this lot all to Plymouth area addresses) yesterday. Over the same timescale I have emailed copies to everybody, I think, who had requested one. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your Bulletin to arrive (especially if overseas) but the first ones have already started hitting doormats around this country so if you do not have yours yet it should be along soon. If you have not yet received an emailed version then please check your Junk filters (because mine was intercepted when I trialled it!) especially if you use Hotmail.


Ut serviatur


Roger Willis [1976-83]