Lest We Forget

In total 81 Old Suttonians were killed on service during WW1, 95 during WW2 and 5 in peacetime making 181 in total.

A. J Arberry , A. Ashton, E.F. Ball, P. Bagshaw, P. Bearn, W.J. Beer, E. Best, W.J. Bishop, S. Bluett, V. Browne, H. Browning, D. Clift, E.J.Y. Cocks, W. Collins, W.E. Cole, C. Davies, C. Dicker, C. Down, H.J. Evans, C.E. Everson, P.E. Finnemore, A.R Flemen, J. Foot, H.R. Frost, R.W. Gilbert, J.S. Greening, F.H. Greenslade, W.E.J. Hannaford, J.R.C. Harvey, C. Hayes-James, H. Herring, N. Herring, F. Kennett, M.W. Higgs, E.W. Horswill, G.J.B. Herting, H.S. Inch, P.J. Kellaway, C.S. Knight, W. Lake, F. Loveless, H.J. Lyons, G.C. March, W.L. Marks, S.J. Lee, N. Martin, W.H. Meek, D. Mitchell, L. McKirdy, T. Monkley, J.S. Paynter, T.C. Pearse, C. Pegg, F. Perraton, G. Polkinghorne, S.H. Waterfield, H.Powe, P. Powe, F.H. Prout, S.R. Roberts, A. Rollin, G. Rooke, L. Rowe, B.G. Ryder, J.S. Sheriff, A. Spencer, J.H. Spencer, S.C. Stephens, L.J. Stribling, W.J. Tellam, C. Thain, J.R. Tollman, R. Tremeer, E. Trethewey, S. Turpin, F.C. Vincent, S.C. Whitburn, E. Whitell, W.A. Wiltshire, S. Wilshere and H. Woodriffe gave their lives during The Great War.

J.E. Adams, R.J. Barrett, W. Bell, C.F. Bennett, G.F.C. Bowles, N.E. Boyes, W.J.L. Boyes, L.A. Boynes, W.J.A. Brett, W.J. Burn, L. Causley, W.G. Chaff, H. Chapman, C.J. Chapple, L.R.W. Clarke, S.M. Clarke, R.A.S. Crabb, H.C. Crofts, P.N. Cross, B.J. Crosse, R.O. Davies, R.H. Davis, S.A. Dungey, E.H. Elliott, R.B. Emdon, P.J. Eveleigh, G.R. Fennell, J.F.H. Ford, R.W. Flynn, R.S. Garland, J. Giles, C.S. Gill, R.H.E. Guswell, C.H.N. Hayton, T.E. Kingston, R.G. Hitchcock, A.F.N. Hockedy, R.H. Holmes, H.C. Hooper, P.F. Hornbrook, D.A. Horsley, W.J.E. Hoskins, O.L.D. Howells, F.J.C. Hughes, K.J. Jewell, G.W.H. Kendall, C.F. Ladd, F.E. Lane, V.J. Lawrence, A.E. Lee, R.H. Lewis, V.H. Lock, J.F.L. Lowe, L.J. Lowman, J.W. Lucas, F. Marshall, A.A. Martyr, F.C. May, J.A.B. Maybourn, W.H. Mitchell, B.V. Mowan, N.B. Murray, R.A. Nankivell, A.E.G. Northcott, E.A. Parkin, G.T. Phippen, A.S. Pring, L.W. Pulleyblank, J.B. Redhead, H.J. Rees, S. Roberts, J.A. Brookes, H.E. Rose, H.D. Rowe, S.P.E. Salmon, J. Shaw, G.A. Sinclair, C.C. Skingsley, N.E. Snell, J.M. South, J.G. Sweett, A.E. Tanner, H.J. Teague, A.E.J. Thorne, D.P. Tough, P.N. Townsend, T. Treby, W.H. Veale, E.F.L. Voce, H.T. Walley, H.L. Ware, D.J. Warn, H.C. Waters, N.E. West, F. Westlake and J. Wilmot were killed during World War 2.

H.H. Delany, A.A. Hill, C.W. Horne, E.W Parsons and H.H. Sincock were lost in peace time.

These words from the school song seem very apt:

“We raise thanksgiving

For those who went before, and, passing on,

Pointed our way of working, playing, living.

Still their tradition stands, though they are gone.”

With many thanks to Rev. John Fairweather-Tall for his help in compiling this list.


Ut serviatur

Roger Willis [1976-83]

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