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Committee Meeting

Please be advised that the next committee meeting of the Old Suttonian Association will start at 7 pm and take place on Wednesday 15th January. Please note the details of the new venue.

future inn(left click to enlarge image)

Future Inn
Plymouth International Business Park,
1 William Prance Rd,
T: 0845 094 5471

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis [1976-83]

Obituary: ROY HOBBS

HOBBS Roy Passed away peacefully at home. Ever loving Husband of Elsie. Devoted Dad to Jackie and Alison, treasured grandad of Rebecca, Victoria, Nicholas and Naomi. God bless. Rest in peace. Funeral service will be held at St. Matthews Church Elburton on Friday 20th December 2013 at 12.00pm. All enquiries to The Co-operative Funeralcare, 72 Pomphlett Road, Plymstock, Plymouth. PL9 7BN. 01752 482900.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis [1976-83]

We Will Remember Them

In total 81 Old Suttonians were killed on service during WW1, 95 during WW2 and 5 in peacetime making 181 in total.

A. J Arberry                                        WW1

A. Ashton                                           WW1

E.F. Ball                                             WW1

P. Bagshaw                                       WW1

P. Bearn                                            WW1

W.J. Beer                                          WW1

E. Best                                              WW1

W.J. Bishop                                      WW1

S. Bluett                                            WW1

V. Browne                                         WW1

H. Browning                                      WW1

D. Clift                                               WW1

E.J.Y. Cocks                                     WW1

W. Collins                                         WW1

W.E. Cole                                         WW1

C. Davies                                         WW1

C. Dicker                                          WW1

C. Down                                           WW1

H.J. Evans                                        WW1

C.E. Everson                                    WW1

P.E. Finnemore                                 WW1

A.R Flemen                                       WW1

J. Foot                                               WW1

H.R. Frost                                         WW1

R.W. Gilbert                                      WW1

J.S. Greening                                    WW1

F.H. Greenslade                                WW1

W.E.J. Hannaford                             WW1

J.R.C. Harvey                                   WW1

C. Hayes-James                              WW1

H. Herring                                         WW1

N. Herring                                         WW1

F. Kennett                                         WW1

M.W. Higgs                                       WW1

E.W. Horswill                                    WW1

G.J.B. Herting                                   WW1

H.S. Inch                                           WW1

P.J. Kellaway                                    WW1

C.S. Knight                                       WW1

W. Lake                                            WW1

F. Loveless                                       WW1

H.J. Lyons                                        WW1

G.C. March                                      WW1

W.L. Marks                                      WW1

S.J. Lee                                           WW1

N. Martin                                          WW1

W.H. Meek                                       WW1

D. Mitchell                                        WW1

L. McKirdy                                        WW1

T. Monkley                                        WW1

J.S. Paynter                                     WW1

T.C. Pearse                                     WW1

C. Pegg                                           WW1

F. Perraton                                      WW1

G. Polkinghorne                              WW1

S.H. Waterfield                               WW1

H.Powe                                          WW1

P. Powe                                         WW1

F.H. Prout                                      WW1

S.R. Roberts                                 WW1

A. Rollin                                         WW1

G. Rooke                                       WW1

L. Rowe                                         WW1

B.G. Ryder                                    WW1

J.S. Sheriff                                    WW1

A. Spencer                                    WW1

J.H. Spencer                                 WW1

S.C. Stephens                              WW1

L.J. Stribling                                  WW1

W.J. Tellam                                   WW1

C. Thain                                        WW1

J.R. Tollman                                  WW1

R. Tremeer                                   WW1

E. Trethewey                                WW1

S. Turpin                                       WW1

F.C. Vincent                                  WW1

S.C. Whitburn                              WW1

E. Whitell                                     WW1

W.A. Wiltshire                             WW1

S. Wilshere                                 WW1

H. Woodriffe                                WW1

J.E. Adams                                 WW2

R.J. Barrett                                 WW2

W. Bell                                        WW2

C.F. Bennett                               WW2

G.F.C. Bowles                            WW2

N.E. Boyes                                 WW2

W.J.L. Boyes                              WW2

L.A. Boynes                                WW2

W.J.A. Brett                                WW2

W.J. Burn                                   WW2

L. Causley                                  WW2

W.G. Chaff                                 WW2

H. Chapman                              WW2

C.J. Chapple                             WW2

L.R.W. Clarke                           WW2

S.M. Clarke                               WW2

R.A.S. Crabb                            WW2

H.C. Crofts                               WW2

P.N. Cross                                WW2

B.J. Crosse                              WW2

R.O. Davies                             WW2

R.H. Davis                               WW2

S.A. Dungey                            WW2

E.H. Elliott                               WW2

R.B. Emdon                            WW2

P.J. Eveleigh                           WW2

G.R. Fennell                           WW2

J.F.H. Ford                              WW2

R.W. Flynn                             WW2

R.S. Garland                          WW2

J. Giles                                   WW2

C.S. Gill                                  WW2

R.H.E. Guswell                       WW2

C.H.N. Hayton                         WW2

T.E. Kingston                          WW2

R.G. Hitchcock                       WW2

A.F.N. Hockedy                       WW2

R.H. Holmes                           WW2

H.C. Hooper                            WW2

P.F. Hornbrook                        WW2

D.A. Horsley                           WW2

W.J.E. Hoskins                      WW2

O.L.D. Howells                      WW2

F.J.C. Hughes                        WW2

K.J. Jewell                             WW2

G.W.H. Kendall                     WW2

C.F. Ladd                              WW2

F.E. Lane                              WW2

V.J. Lawrence                      WW2

A.E. Lee                               WW2

R.H. Lewis                           WW2

V.H. Lock                             WW2

J.F.L. Lowe                          WW2

L.J. Lowman                       WW2

J.W. Lucas                         WW2

F. Marshall                          WW2

A.A. Martyr                          WW2

F.C. May                             WW2

J.A.B. Maybourn                 WW2

W.H. Mitchell                      WW2

B.V. Mowan                        WW2

N.B. Murray                        WW2

R.A. Nankivell                     WW2

A.E.G. Northcott                 WW2

E.A. Parkin                         WW2

G.T. Phippen                      WW2

A.S. Pring                          WW2

L.W. Pulleyblank               WW2

J.B. Redhead                    WW2

H.J. Rees                          WW2

S. Roberts                        WW2

J.A. Brookes                     WW2

H.E. Rose                         WW2

H.D. Rowe                        WW2

S.P.E. Salmon                  WW2

J. Shaw                            WW2

G.A. Sinclair                     WW2

C.C. Skingsley                 WW2

N.E. Snell                         WW2

J.M. South                        WW2

J.G. Sweett                      WW2

A.E. Tanner                      WW2

H.J. Teague                      WW2

A.E.J. Thorne                   WW2

D.P. Tough                       WW2

P.N. Townsend                WW2

T. Treby                           WW2

W.H. Veale                      WW2

E.F.L. Voce                     WW2

H.T. Walley                     WW2

H.L. Ware                       WW2

D.J. Warn                       WW2

H.C. Waters                   WW2

N.E. West                      WW2

F. Westlake                    WW2

J. Wilmot                        WW2

H.H. Delany                    Peacetime

A.A. Hill                           Peacetime

C.W. Horne                    Peacetime

E.W Parsons                 Peacetime

H.H. Sincock                  Peacetime


These words from the school song seem very apt:


“We raise thanksgiving

For those who went before, and, passing on,

Pointed our way of working, playing, living.

Still their tradition stands, though they are gone.”


With many thanks to Rev. John Fairweather-Tall for his help in compiling this list.


Ut serviatur

Roger Willis [1976-83]

We Will Remember Them

In total 81 Old Suttonians were killed on service during WW1, 95 during WW2 and 5 in peacetime making 181 in total.

World War 1:

A. J Arberry;;A  Ashton; E.F. Ball; P. Bagshaw; P. Bearn; W.J. Beer; E. Best; W.J. Bishop; S. Bluett; V. Browne; H. Browning; D. Clift; E.J.Y. Cocks; W. Collins; W.E. Cole; C. Davies; C. Dicker; C. Down; H.J. Evans ; C.E. Everson; P.E. Finnemore; A.R Flemen; J. Foot; H.R. Frost; R.W. Gilbert; J.S. Greening; F.H. Greenslade; W.E.J. Hannaford; J.R.C. Harvey; C. Hayes-James; H. Herring; N. Herring; F. Kennett; M.W. Higgs; E.W. Horswill; G.J.B. Herting; H.S. Inch; P.J. Kellaway; C.S. Knight; W. Lake; F. Loveless; H.J. Lyons; G.C. March; W.L. Marks; S.J. Lee; N. Martin; W.H. Meek; D. Mitchell; L. McKirdy; T. Monkley; J.S. Paynter; T.C. Pearse; C. Pegg; F. Perraton; G. Polkinghorne; S.H. Waterfield ;H.Powe; P. Powe; F.H. Prout; S.R. Roberts; A. Rollin; G. Rooke; L. Rowe; B.G. Ryder; J.S. Sheriff; A. Spencer; J.H. Spencer; S.C. Stephens; L.J. Stribling; W.J. Tellam; C. Thain; J.R. Tollman; R. Tremee; E. Trethewey; S. Turpin; F.C. Vincent; S.C. Whitburn; E. Whitell; W.A. Wiltshire; S. Wilshere; H. Woodriffe.

World War 2:

J.E. Adams; R.J. Barrett; W. Bell; C.F. Bennett; G.F.C. Bowles; N.E. Boyes; W.J.L. Boyes; L.A. Boynes; W.J.A. Brett; W.J. Burn; L. Causley; W.G. Chaff; H. Chapman; C.J. Chapple; L.R.W. Clarke; S.M. Clarke; R.A.S. Crabb; H.C. Crofts; P.N. Cross; B.J. Crosse; R.O. Davies; R.H. Davis; S.A. Dungey; E.H. Elliott; R.B. Emdon; P.J. Eveleigh; G.R. Fennell; J.F.H. Ford; R.W. Flynn; R.S. Garland;J. Giles; C.S. Gill; R.H.E. Guswell; C.H.N. Hayton; T.E. Kingston; R.G. Hitchcock; A.F.N. Hockedy; R.H. Holmes; H.C. Hooper; P.F. Hornbrook; D.A. Horsley; W.J.E. Hoskins; O.L.D. Howells; F.J.C. Hughes; K.J. Jewell; G.W.H. Kendall; C.F. Ladd; F.E. Lane; V.J. Lawrence; A.E. Lee; R.H. Lewis; V.H. Lock; J.F.L. Lowe; L.J. Lowman; J.W. Lucas; F. Marshall; A.A. Martyr; F.C. May; J.A.B. Maybourn; W.H. Mitchell; B.V. Mowan; N.B. Murray; R.A. Nankivell; A.E.G. Northcott; E.A. Parkin; G.T. Phippen; A.S. Pring; L.W. Pulleyblank; J.B. Redhead; H.J. Rees; S. Roberts; J.A.B. Brookes; H.E. Rose; H.D. Rowe; S.P.E. Salmon; J. Shaw; G.A. Sinclair; C.C. Skingsley; N.E. Snell; J.M. South; J.G. Sweett; A.E. Tanner; H.J. Teague; A.E.J. Thorne; D.P. Tough; P.N. Townsend; T. Treby; W.H. Veale; E.F.L. Voce; H.T. Walley; H.L. Ware; D.J. Warn; H.C. Waters; N.E. West; F. Westlake; J. Wilmot.


H.H. Delany; A.A. Hill; C.W. Horne; E.W Parsons; H.H. Sincock.

These words from the school song seem very apt:

“We raise thanksgiving
For those who went before, and, passing on,
Pointed our way of working, playing, living.
Still their tradition stands, though they are gone.”

With many thanks to Rev. John Fairweather-Tall for his help in compiling this list.

Ut serviatur

Roger Willis [1976-83]